if caleb goes through with backdooring frankie i will no longer consider him a piece of trash more like a trash can but like the nice ones in fancy restaurants that open automatically

dyed my hair, no more bright blonde, i’m a happy camper.

dyed my hair, no more bright blonde, i’m a happy camper.

So Frankie stans want evidence, here’s your evidence


So his stans, knowing that feeds are 24/7, still want evidence. So lets go on a journey on things he has said with video evidence! (all links are clickable and are by date)

  1. He said Jocasta could kill herself
  2. He made a Ricky Martin pedophilia comment
  3. He said they should start treating Nicole like the help
  4. He said lesbians choose their sexuality (and much more in this video)
  5. He criticized Brittany as a mom (he called her kids dogs at the beginning of the video too)
  6. He really thought we would give him the 5k for TA because he’s “building schools in Africa”
  7. He said if Nicole went to him crying he would punch her in the face
  8. He was making rape jokes about Victoria to the houseguest

This is only 8 things, I’m pretty sure there is so much more but this is all I can remember. I seriously can’t think of what goes through his stans brain to keep defending this piece of shit. Please, watch all of these and reevaluate who you’re actually defending…

Phoebe Halliwell (Season 2)